Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Music's a wood you walk through

I lay back on the armless sofa. I've never listened to music lying down. Listening's reading if you close your eyes. Music's a wood you walk through. — David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

Spirit of the Beehive - Luis de Pablo
Bartleby - Roger Webb
Cipher in the Snow - Stephen R.E. Aubrey
Singing - Jean Wahlstrom
Spirit of the Beehive - Luis de Pablo
New Sky 1 - Itsutsu Akai No Fusen
ШКАТУЛКА С СЕКРЕТОМ - Vladimir Martynov
The Love Life of the Octopus - Pierre Henry
Toyshop Drama 2 - Beda Folten
Yego Zvali Robert - Andrei Petrov
Lalka - Wojciech Jerzy Has
Kiigelaul - Veljo Tormis
Wednesday Play
Ghost Story - Ron Geesin
Sogno Apollineo - Kimball, Marega et al.
Bartleby - Roger Webb
Go Go Second-Time Virgin - Koji Wakamatsu
At the Earth's Core - Mike Vickers