Sunday, March 7, 2010

Music of Today/Music of Tomorrow

The sounds of a bustling robot metropolis. The title of this IM release speaks directly to my interests in 1970s electronic music. What I like about this record is that it deals with the future in terms of the minutiae of "binary digits" and "encoded instructions." The tomorrow being imagined here is one where humdrum things like civic infrastructure and the sanitation committee are still important, even though the technology has all changed. Eddie Warner takes care of the "today" side with a fairly unmemorable plugged-in pop funk. Side 2 gets more interesting with Nino Nardini channeling early-70s anxieties about technocracy and mechanization. Pure bloop bleep studio fuckery, in the vein of Musique pour le futur. I just realized that in the folder I included a soundclip that I used to sell the album on Ebay. Uh, maybe this will come in handy for somebody else someday?


  1. Kee-rist, citizen! How did I not have this before - wow!

  2. Wow, something else new and wonderful! Amazing! Thanks, your blog is amazing, I await everyday new music, you have such great taste!

  3. Thanks for the kind words -- enjoy!

  4. Thank you! I definitely enjoy what you're posting here...

  5. Exquisite share, man!
    Endless gratitude!!!!

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