Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I haven't quite got my head around it yet, but I've been listening to John Sangster's Marinetti OST. First impression: whoa. Albie Thoms's Marinetti is an experimental film coming out of the late-60s art scene in Sydney. Haven't seen it, but Sangster's musique concrete/spoken word score, with field recordings and lysergic rock interludes (cameos by the folks from Tully), is a good index of how out-and-out bonkers it must be. Available here. I first read about the film on this amazing blog, which among other things speaks of a recent live realization of Tristram Cary's Trios, the secret weapon of the Czech new wave, and butterflies.


  1. Just ordered a copy this evening, thanks for the tip!

  2. anyone know if this will be issued on vinyl?

  3. I emailed James, one of the guys who runs the label, and he said there probably won't be a vinyl version. The costs would be prohibitive as it would have to be a double LP.