Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sweeps Week Canticle

So my Tristram Cary CD finally arrived yesterday after one copy went missing in the mail. Jonny Trunk was very nice about it. It could be the coffee talking but this and the discovery of a secret Kirchin library LP this week have left me feeling very inspired. The Cary CD is like a transom to a world I never knew existed, somewhere in the hinterlands between commercial culture and high art. I love this idea of commissioned corporate art propoganda. So weird to think that Cary and other geniuses were behind the scenes doing spade work for big oil and Barclays Bank. I'm going to investigate further, but in the meantime here's an older mix of things and stuff of a different stripe altogether. Have a good weekend.

track 1:
Out of the Unknown
Penda's Fen
Jason's Trip - National-Balkan Ensemble
Come Out To Play - Joan Rimmer/Anne Mendoza
Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo? - William Klein/Michel Legrand
Zajczyk - Kobza
Dreams That Money Can Buy - Hans Richter/Paul Bowles
Solitioude - Francois Bayle
Peter Pan Land - James Harpham

track 2:
Sun-Seeker - David Johnson
Betcher! (National Cycling Proficiency Scheme)
The Stone Tape - Nigel Kneale
Le Chat Cameleon - Elio Maestosi/Vieri Tossati
Herbert's Oily Rag - Peter Howell/John Ferdinando
from Miloš Forman's "Taking Off"
Goodbye Gemini - Christopher Gunning
Etunytude - Norman Maclean
Guitare Crépuscule - Claude Vasori


  1. I've been under the spell of Maxine Sanders for some time now. One of my favourite mixes, this, thanks.

  2. A secret Kirchin Library LP, he asked?

  3. Yup, an ole'favourite mix. I highly recommend everyone to download.

  4. Are you teasing us with another Basil Kirchin rarity? I request a post!

  5. Hey Ben,

    I think I may have missed downloading this one. Would you consider re-uploading?


  6. No prob. Here's a new link.