Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just a quick post to thank A Sound Awareness and Unmann-Wittering Blog for an exciting month of radiophonic treats. Bravo! A delight to collaborate with you. Among the highlights for me were some truly bizarre Dr. Who clips and the appearance of Delia Derbyshire and Barry Bermange's lesser spotted Amor Dei. I sort of ran out of steam a couple of posts in, but Delia and co. are never too far beneath the surface here. I'll probably be posting about some more workshop spinoff projects pretty soon. Oh, and the picture above -- this is the Australian sleeve for a Listen, Move and Dance compilation. I love the running-man stick-figure. Photo from this amazing Japanese record store.

Nothing too pressing to share other than that. Here are some old and new Youtube favorites.

- University of the Air (Canadian TV show)
- Jonathan Miller's The Body In Question (BBC nature/science doc...same latex screen in credits as Out of the Unknown?)
- Terry Sander's Plastics (You can make anything out of plastic. Electronic score by Carl Stone)
- James Burke - Connections (J.G. Ballardian doc about technology)
- John and Faith Hubley's Windy Day (voice of then pre-school aged Georgia Hubley from Yo La Tengo). Also check out the Hubleys' Eggs.
- Charles and Ray Eames commercial for Polaroid PX-70 (creepy music!)
- Skateboard Safety (circa 1976)
- ???? (via Ponytone)

Oh, and make sure to check out this fantastic share over at Lunar Atrium.


  1. I can haz every record in your store?

  2. Totally loving Carl Stone's score to Plastic!

  3. Yeah, I like it too. Apparently Stone is still making music out of Seattle??