Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sly Cormorant

An addendum to last month's radiophonic offerings. This 1977 album sets Brian Patten's verse adaptations of animal fables to Brian Gascoigne and David Vorhaus's woodland electronic chamber folk. Beautiful Autumn-y educational weirdness in the vein of David Cain's The Seasons. Cleo Laine and Patten himself on vocals. Both have really cool voices that coax you into another dimension. Some of the animals are really mean to each other! I love it when the grasshopper tells the ant to prepare for his "death dance." The song titles alone are worth the price of admission: "The Mouse's Invitation Cards," "The Two Dragons and the Gap in the Wall," "The Fox, The Fat Baby and the Fickle Promise." Such a weird and oddly therapeutic album that I couldn't help putting a lot of it in the mix of a few posts back.

Oh, and check out here and here for some films I've just added to my must-see list. I just discovered the blog Radon Brainstorm and it's blowing my mind. More Friday amazingness here and here.


  1. This makes me so happy. Many,many thanks. Ive been trying to put a poetry cd together for my daughter and have been thinking of voices for her to get her ears around, and I thought of the liverpool poets that I love. The sound of their voices, Roger McGough & Brian Patten,and I put some John Betjeman stuff on to, and I used to listen to Richard Burton reading Under Milk Wood alot so some of that was included, then I made her listen to Ivor Cutler after playig the Neil Ardley lp in the kitchen hoping that it would seep in to her conciousness somehow the other day, and I was rembering what you said about the Music & Movement cover being left in the scanner for days which made me laugh as I have a daily battle with the one I use at school which seems to devour anything I place underneath it and then I listened to the Nature Estate Mix whilst waiting for my son to come out of a lazer tag party which bizarrely was built beneath a early 70s concrete multi storey carpark watching it loom above me as all these jumbled thoughts and associations rattled around inside me,and It all linked up somehow and all seemed terribly important and I cant really explain but just wanted to thank you. Thats all. cheers, flinty

  2. Best comment ever! Thanks. Would love to hear your poetry mix!

  3. Adorable LP with imaginative music and varied, entertaining dialogues. Plus the end is sooo... sad. I only knew Gascoigne from the Emerald Forest soundtrack. I expect to see more Gascoigne on your delicious blog.

  4. I know this is an old post, but is a download of this LP still avialable or at least the mix you did with a few tracks from it? I just heard The Grasshopper And The Ant on the Jonny Trunk OST Show you did and *desperately* want to hear more. Thanks so much - and as always this blog is the greatest!

    1. Here you go:

      Will try to upload the mix soon.

  5. Thank you, thank you, ten times thank you! Can't wait to hear this. All the best for the holidays and new year!