Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Craig Kupka

California crystal shop jazz abstractions for modern dance. Kupka has a cult following in the states, not so sure about Europe or elsewhere. He should have a wider one. Kupka was a fixture in the Los Angeles dance scene in the 70s, and this LP was intended for dance and movement instruction at schools, including Cal State LA where he taught. Here's a photo of him. Good facial hair, good glasses, great healing percussion/keyboard blissout music for the hectic holiday season. Surrender yourself to the new age. It's funny that I've ended up posting several things in the past few weeks with the word "technique" in the title.

And with this I think I'll close up shop for the year. Will return in January with possibly a new mix and lots of other stuff. Thank you all so much for reading this blog! Thanks especially to fellow bloggers/musicians/artists/archivists who continually inspired and energized me in 2010. Happy holidays, safe travels, and see you in 2011!


  1. Thanks for all the great shares this past year, Ben. Toys & Techniques is easily the best blog I came across in 2010. Keep up the magnificent work and I wish you wonderful 2011!

  2. Thanks, Greg -- happy new year!

  3. Sorry for the bother, I am new to this particular blog. Where is the download link? Thanks!

  4. Good facial hair, good glasses.. what more does one need in LA?

  5. Hi. Since i listened you show with dj trouble i keep coming back in here.
    I was wondering if you still have this record and if you could provide me a download link. I love the Clouds and Crystals Albums! It seems it is reissued on CD in the US.
    Thank you and keep the wonderful selection.