Friday, December 17, 2010

This Old Man

"An electronic musical-poetic treat for elementary and high school people revealing more wonders of our earth-ship." White magic life lessons for kids. I love the insane scribble in the upper right corner.


  1. Thanks! One can never have enough Bruce Haack education. Hey, today I learnt the bangodelictronica-way about making bread out of wood! The cover is amazing too.

  2. Thanks dispo. Remember never to use evergreens. This album is maybe a little creepy for my mood right now. The cover creeps me out!

  3. I can understand that. Do you know anyone who actually grew up with Haack albums?
    And I meant banjodelictronica, of course.

  4. I keep imagining how it would be as a kid to listen to this stuff. Did they like it ... back then?

    I sure love this one. It's so sweet. Indeed you wouldn't tell by the cover, although it's a cool one.

    Cheers & thanks

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