Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Printing Fabric By Hand: Beginning Techniques

By Gisela Hein, from the Van Nostrand Reinhold Creative Craft Series. Purchased here.

How is everybody doing? Trying to get some music stuff together for future posts but finding it a bit tough going. I basically have just been listening to Ariel Pink and Vince Guaraldi's Christmas album lately. On the reissue front I did want to mention that Jean Le Fennec's Phantastic appears to be out on CD (great French pop weirdness -- check Mutant Sounds) and also that one of my vinyl holy grails, A. Alessandroni's "Industriale" library LP, is now on itunes (!)


  1. Vince G = fave, but if you like Ariel Pink, may I point you in the direction of Darren Sylvester, an Australian artist who made an album to accompany a show of his set in The Carpenters backyard... it's really incredible, home made drum machine etc. Here's a song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3uLrtLEWgg Might be hard to track down the album where you are. If so, let me know.

  2. Re: Alessandroni

    seems like a new MP3 reissue label..
    You can stream every releases(!) on the deezer.com website.

  3. Vince Guaraldi's Christmas album is in my top 2 for X-Mas albums (the other being The Harry Simeone Chorale's Little Drummer Boy).

    Just bought Alessandroni's "Industriale" from Amazon (no DRM and it's a buck cheaper). Thanks for the tip. It's really excellent!

  4. Kate: sounds cool, will check it out! I don't know Darren Sylvester -- the Carpenters project looks interesting. By the way, how was the Broadcast show?

    Cheval: Thanks for the link. Pinball looks a bit dodgy, non? These seem like unofficial bootlegs. I wonder if the original artists are getting a penny.

    Gregory: I will buy it from Amazon too! I don't know the Harry Simeone Chorale LP -- will look into it.

  5. This CD contains the original album from 1958 (originally titled Sing We Now of Christmas, but reissued a few years later as The Little Drummer Boy to capitalize on the success of the TLDB single):


  6. I like it. Want to find scratched up vinyl copy.

  7. I think this was the version my family owned when i was a kid:


  8. The Broadcast show was dreamy. Trish looked like a white dress version of Mia Farrow in Secret Ceremony. Dreamsville.