Friday, February 11, 2011


Diane, 1975 TV drama by Alan Clarke. Bleak bleak bleak. But very beautiful. A dark secret seething beneath the surface of the nuclear family -- "Damp forces it up... something to do with pressure." The lead actor (Janine Duvitski) is "Angie" from Abigail's Party!


  1. I was about to watch this last night, but got tempted away by Stanley Long's "Bread: (1971).
    I'll try again tonight, as I fancy some bleak, bleak, bleakness.

  2. Really enjoyed it, Ben.
    Starts with loads of Isle Of Wight festival footage, which gives the impression of a higher budget than was actually available.
    The film soon cuts to a small group of happening teens in bad wigs who take over a large country house and start work on putting together their own music festival.
    Some great music, hilarious scenes of them driving around London in a vintage car, and loads of delirious shots of the English countryside. I was really impressed by this lost gem.
    Judging by the the superb stuff you've been posting here, I reckon you'd love it !

  3. Watched Diane last night and really enjoyed it (if that's the right word).
    All I knew was that the film contained "a dark secret", and once this revealed itself, my attention was firmly focused.
    For the first half hour, the film reminded me of Mike Leigh's 'Bleak Moments', as the characters struggled to hold any meaningful conversation; but once the hidden darkness was brought out, my sympathies soon followed.
    Realistic and thought-provoking in equal measure.

  4. can we watch Diane online. Have you a link?

  5. I'd love a response re Diane. Can anyone point me to a link? I've searched but to no avail.