Thursday, February 10, 2011

Serie Nature

A while ago I posted a strange little French record from the 70s full of the sounds of La Mer. This record has now made some friends! It seems Jean Humenry et al. cut a few more of these Auvidis 45s for nature documentaries of different sorts, including ones about the forest, birds, and farms. Lovely impressionist electronics and soft prog/medieval folk songs about barn owls warbling in the undergrowth. And the layers of ambient effects and field recordings phasing in and out lend an extra atmosphere that puts you right in the dark heart of the magical forest kingdom.


  1. These are fantastic! The one at 4mins is incredible. I have never heard this pre-fabricated sort of combination of field recordings and music on a library record (it's rarely done with good cause, I guess - try matching your promotional film with this...).