Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video Wedding at the Freex

Singing in my Soul - John & Philipa Cooper
Tin Angel - Hearts and Flowers
Swirling Sphere - Tony, Caro and John
Didunia Yang Lain - Ariesta Birawa
El Duende - Vainica Doble
The Record Rejects - The Spoils of War
Aquarium - Melchior Alias
Lady With Bullets in her Hair - Chimera
The God of Wind - Far East Family Band
Chant du Ministère de l'Éducation - Les Alexandrins
Rose Colored Corner - Lynn Castle With Last Friday's Fire
Lifencave Book Two - Sigmund Snopek III
Jesenné litánie - Prudy
Genocide - Dickens
I've Been Over the Rainbow - Mort Garson
Moonsong: Pelog - Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies
You Came Away - George Edwards Group
Mansion of Cards - Trane
Circus - Kazuki Tomokawa
Su Herencia - Sacros
The Far Side of Your Mind - Fourth Way
Morning Way - Trader Horne
Down to the Sea - Tully
In Again Out Again - The Spoils of War



  1. Thanks. Absolutely loved this.
    The aural equivalent of being tied up & drugged in the back of a psychedelic camper van traveling around Europe.

    Got carried away while listening and hastily made some CD covers..

  2. Ha, this made my day. Love it.

  3. Waouh ! Can you give us more infos about this ? What's the story ? What is the relationship between artists except that they are all Canadians ? Thank you for this gem.

  4. Ha, I was thinking this sounded like an Office Naps mix!

  5. could y reup this once more? heard great stories about this! thanks