Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pop Montreal

So the Pop Montreal festival starts tomorrow. I looked at the schedule -- there are about a million bands playing and I have only heard of maybe two or three of them. Montreal folks, are there any local bands I should check out?


  1. Well, I'm not from Montreal, but I can sure as hell recommend a lot of those.

    Assuming you've heard of the mighty Arcade Fire, Laura Marling and Steve Malkmus, I can whole-heartedly recommend Dirty Beaches, who sound like Suicide covering The Cramps.

    Then there're a lot of bands who tick the "lush guitar soundscape" boxes - principally, Yuck and Asobi Seksu.

    My word, that's a really good lineup.

  2. It looks like the Raincoats are playing. Also this band looks interesting. Sounds a bit "Hip Priest"

  3. Oh, great worst thing is that there's more than music..
    i'm gonna go to POP kids for sure.., and maybe Puces POP, and POP film seems great.. argh. every year it's the same.

    Too much things to do..
    you're coming to montreal ?

  4. just going to chime in here....off the top of my head, r stevie moore (friday) will be great; the sublime frequencies film screening on saturday, also great (full disclosure i am affiliated with both of those events!); ford + lopatin on saturday, great; tim hecker in conversation with grimes on saturday aft should be bizarre; the raincoats on sunday, duh! so good! + all of the other thing like puces pop + the record fair will be rad as always! have fun!!

  5. Wow, have fun talking to R. Stevie Moore. Puces pop looks amazing. Record fair??!!!