Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reynold Weidenaar

Squiggly technicolor links and bridges for advertising, à la Eric Siday or Raymond Scott. You have to dig a little, but there is weirdness to be found here, oh yes. More info about Weidenaar here (scroll down to "commercial spots" on the left).



  1. Only known about the Sam Fox label through Jean Michel Jarre's 'Deserted Palace' album released in 1972 so this is a total delight! Checking the Discogs and Hipwax entry on weird library pop I see they actually released a fair few records.

    Have you the title and/or date for this album as I cannot find a reference to it anywhere. The Jarre album was SF 1025 and released in 1972 so this must be the very early seventies I guess.

    Is there any chance of posting Side One? I am very taken by this record! I checked out the Weidenaar website which has a few crisp WAV files (not really my cup of tea though interesting) but all the tape experiments etc files in 320 MP3 seem to be down (the player does not seem to load)

    Thanks very much for this, definitely file under the "uber-rare" category as a no google hit is very rare these days.

  2. Thanks for tuning in. The album doesn't really have a title, but the number is 1025. Are you sure the Jarre album is also 1025? Side one is really horrible and not composed by Weidenaar. The two sides are basically albums unto themselves.

  3. I think it's Jarre released in 1973 and has number 1029, and this one was released sometime in 1971 or 1972.

  4. Uh-oh. The Odeo mp3 player slipped into ancient history, so I had to set up all new players on my website. Every mp3 track is now up and ready. Sometimes the player takes more than a few seconds to load, though. The dates of the releases: SF1020A&B 1968, SF1025B 1970, SF1028B 1973. Thanks for your comments!

  5. Woah, great to hear from you! I love this record. The videos on your website are amazing as well. Thanks so much for fixing those sound files -- those other Sam Fox records sound completely amazing.

  6. heh - i have the 'cleveland composers' guild' record with tinsel chicken coop on. i love it dearly.

    'MY BABY!!...'

  7. Hello Good Sir,

    Any chance of a re-up. Would love to hear this,



  8. hi

    great post. mediafire seems to have gone belly up, but i would really like to hear this.
    could you re-upload please?