Monday, September 19, 2011


This is lovely and creepy. With thanks to Unmann-Wittering for introducing me to it.


  1. I've sat through an exhaustive list of "video nasties" and "splatter films" in my time, and spent my teens viewing 20th generation vhs copies of European unpleasantness (while eating my beans on toast) without raising an eye-brow.
    But when I got hold of Stigma, a few years back I was in for a surprise !
    Initially, I was thrilled to be finally watching a 'Ghost Story For Xmas' that had eluded me for a long time. It had standing stones, a remote country cottage, + Peter Bowles, and seemed as close to creepy vintage TV Heaven as anyone could wish for.
    However; I felt genuinely sick as the poor wife began to notice her curious condition, and the feeling grew as the story became more graphic. I haven't been able to stomach re-watching this since (although I'm aching to do so), and feel quite queasy at the thought of it all.
    Brilliant television !

  2. Yeah, the 'old religion' doesn't fuck around. I love the parallel sequence of the mom bleeding out and the daughter walking along the heath to crazy radiophonic improv saxophone.

  3. This was excellent. Really enjoyed that. If I am not mistaken looks like it was filmed in Avebury with a nice shot of Silbury Hill. You don't want to move them Stones.

  4. Yeah, the workman knew better.