Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sun: Creativity and Environment

Music education forever! On we go with Trevor Wishart's book/broadsheet Sun, which presents instructions for guerilla music projects meant to bring art-making out of the classroom and museum and into actual communities and lived environments. These games sound really fun. Some favorites: emerge from the city in all directions and dismount your bicycle at an agreed meeting place. Invert your bicycle, sit down behind the back-wheel and play delicate harp music on the spokes. Then remount your bicycle and dissolve into the city in different directions. Or: meet in a wood or thick undergrowth after dark. Decide on a number of small and fairly quiet noise-makers, each of characteristic timbre -- e.g. metal snappers, small brass bells, penny whistles, etc. Give each participant one instrument (wrapped, so that they don't know what it is) and make sure there are at least two of each type of instrument. Disperse into the farthest corners of the wood and hide yourself. Play your object intermittently and NOT LOUDLY. By listening to the sounds in the wood, search out the other person playing the same object as yourself. On finding your partner, reveal yourself and begin to play a duet. Outstanding!